Body Piercing

Body Piercing in Hyderabad – All people strive for beauty by wearing a relaxing outfit, matching accessories, dazzling jewelry and vibrant cosmetics. One of these options on the list is body art, which includes painting, tattoos and body piercing. Body Piercing is a kind of unusual body art in which you pierce a hole in the skin and decorate yourself with a beautiful jewel.

The art of piercing the body is practiced around the world and by people of darker and fairer sex, and children also pierce body parts for a better look. The trend is becoming more fashionable among Western teenagers over the last decade, which drill almost every body organ in which art can be played.

The most common form of piercing is ear piercing. The perforation hole in the ear lobe is practiced in almost all communities, even men and women practicing Ohrpiercing. Piercing in the ears varies from person to person. Some pierce the perforation of one ear, others prefer both ears. Some prefer holes in the earlobes while others perforate several holes from the edge of the ears. Nowadays, even young people bite the cartilage of the ear.

In addition to the ears, the various body organs usually pierced are the nose, nasal septum, lips, tongue, eyebrow, bridge of the nose, nipple, navel, male genitalia, female genitalia, etc. . Perforation is a symbol of novelty among young people; A deeper penetration into a human’s body resembles its real state. Piercings are not only fun, but they also require serious precautions, as they can lead to serious complications.

The following guidelines should be taken into account when choosing a piercing:

Always look for the right search and choose the best professional center to pierce an organ.
Perforation should not be done without the permission of your family doctor, who knows your medical history.
Germinating soap should be used in the drilling area.
Always use a sharp, sterile needle to pierce and sterilize jewelry.
Always follow the instructions of all experts to treat the perforated area within the required time.
One must be more aware of the choice of oral piercing because it can cause many mouth problems later.
Never allow the person performing the piercing to use the “piercing gun” because it can not be sterilized and can transmit harmful infections such as AIDS.
The proper size of the body jewelry should be chosen for a particular organ, as this can cause swelling and pain.
If the above guidelines are not taken seriously, risks and complications, apart from normal pain and swelling problems such as
chronic infection
uncontrollable or persistent bleeding
Hepatitis B and C
Allergies of the skin against the jewels used.
Abscess or boils (accumulations of pus that may form on the site of perforation under the skin)
Inflammation or nerve injury